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Design and development of high-pressure process

Feasibility study
It is also possible for the customers to conduct experiments on a laboratory scale or on a
pilot scale machine directly in the eCO2 laboratories.

The extensive experience of the eCO2 -engineers allows us to find innovative solutions for
nearly every demand. Of particular interest for customers is our experience and expertise
in the fields of pharmaceutical and medical applications. This makes eCO2 a competent
partner for solutions where GMP-validation is required.

Implementation of process control system
eCO2 can provide the implementation of plant and process automation from the initial
concept through to implementation of the complete process control system, including PLC
software and process visualization. This permits to realize every need concerning flexibility
and documentation, integrated from the workshop-level up to the administration-level.
Naturally also the support through protected VPN-channels make part of the possibilities.

GMP validation and qualification
Validation of the process and installation is a basic requirement for pharmaceutical and
medical applications. eCO2 can supply the necessary support for validation, e.g. the
preparation of qualification documentation.