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Design & Development of High-Pressure Processes

With over 20 years of experience in the design and development of high-pressure processes in the pharmaceutical, medical and materials fields, we are able to meet the highest innovative and challenging requirements of our customers in the construction of high-pressure systems.


Design and development of high-pressure processes

Retrofit of high-pressure plants

Pilot plant development

Precision cleaning

About us

We are an independent, privately owned company founded in Switzerland in 1998.


  • 1998 - eCO2 was founded
  • 2000 - For its environmental benefits eCO2 technology was endorsed by the Swiss Federal Office of the Environment.
  • 2002-2003 - Winner of the “Environmental REACH Award” (from the pro Aqua Pro Vita
    foundation) and the “R.I.O Innovation Award” (from the Aachen Foundation
    Kathy Beys)
  • 2005 European Patent granted for the eCO2 “Ultrasonic cleaning under high pressure condition” process
  • 2005 - Start of the production of machines for industrial cleaning
  • 2006 - Development of the GMP-package
  • 2009 - eCO2 assigns a license to Dürr Ecoclean for manufacturing and distribution of eCO2 - cleaning machines
  • 2010 - Diversification from CO2 -precision cleaning to innovative CO2 application
  • 2011 - Production of the first large scale multipurpose system (1700 liter)
  • 2016 - ISO 9001 certification

Our Values

eCO2 primary focus is on carbon dioxide, which is, because of a variety of extraordinary properties, one of the most interesting and fascinating molecules. The passion for innovation and excellence together with over 20 years of know-how in the field of dense fluids drives our commitment to realize innovative solutions to meet the needs of our customers from laboratory scale to the industrial maturity.

Our mission is to ensures that our products and services meet the highest requirements in terms of sustainability, innovation and efficiency. 


Via Brüsighell 6
6807 Taverne

Phone +41 91 935 44 24 Mauro Cresseri
Phone +41 91 612 21 09 Philip Moltrasio
Phone administration +41 91 612 21 01

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