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Precision cleaning

eCO2 cleaning process

The parts to be cleaned are loaded into a suitable basket and introduced into the cleaning chamber. 
The CO2  flows at the required temperature and pressure through the cleaning chamber and drags the dissolved dirt together with the CO2  out of the cleaning chamber, where the separation takes place into gaseous CO2  and waste. Depending on the dirt type and geometry of the parts to be cleaned, rotating baskets and / or ultrasound are used. For higher levels of CO2  consumption, it is economical to recycle the separated gaseous CO2  (closed loop).

Key points of the eCO2 -Process

  • Removal of oils and fats using CO2  as solvent
  • Excellent access to smallest capillaries and to difficult surfaces due to the
    exceptional fluidity of CO2
  • Uniform exposure of the parts to be cleaned due to controlled rotation of the basket
  • Separation and removal of components that are insoluble in CO2  due to ultrasound
  • In closed loop operation mode, cleaned CO2  can be reused for the cleaning process
  • The bactericidal effect of eCO2  process increases the product safety significantly, which is desirable especially for medical application
  • No harmful solvent vapours (respiratory protection)
  • No aggressive / corrosive cleaners (skin and eye protection)
  • Low power consumption - no drying of the parts necessary
  • No flammable solvents and expensive waste disposal

Application fields of eCO2 -cleaning process

  • Medical devices, dental, optical, aerospace, precision mechanics
  • Cleaning of capillaries
  • Cleaning of implants
  • Cleaning of porous structures
  • Wax removal from sintered blanks
  • Cleaning of small spheres
  • Cleaning of connectors for optical fibers
  • All common materials, including composite (metals, plastics, ceramics, glass)

eCO2 cleaning machines

The eCO2 - cleaning machines are equipped as standard with the most advanced process control systems. 
All parts that can be in contact with the medium are made of stainless steel.

  • Model S
    Small compact machine (reasonable price, limited extension possibilities)
  • Model M
    Medium-sized machine (for tough daily use, modular extension possibilities)
  • Model L
    Large machine (for large throughput and highest requirements, modular extension possibilities)

eCO2 cleaning services

We offer also a contract cleaning, following the need specified by the client, also following the GMP.